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Shape Arcade is a neon-infused love letter to the early arcade era with ease of use and accessibility in mind. Built inside a custom tabletop arcade cabinet that reacts to how you play! Using two dials, players match falling shapes in progressively more difficult levels. Can you match the most?

Shape Arcade was originally created by Matthew Deline in April 2018 as a graduate student physical computing/game design project at Goldsmiths, University of London. Revisions of the original cabinet and new versions for home and mobile are in active development at Matthew's new Melbourne-based studio, Campervan Games. They are both currently scheduled for release in 2020.

For more detailed information on how Shape Arcade was made, check out the Development Blog!


Check out this sneak preview of the new version of Shape Arcade that we will be bringing to the Game Developer's Conference from March 16 - 20 in San Francisco!


Here's where you'll be able to play Shape Arcade at GDC 2020. We'll have some stickers and buttons to give away to players, so shape up your reflexes and we'll see you there!

Date Time Event Information
Sat 3/14 5PM-10PM INDIE DEV Mixer
Sun 3/15 1PM-6PM INDIE DEV Mixer
Mon 3/16 5PM-10PM INDIE DEV Mixer
Tue 3/17 6PM-10PM TBA
Wed 3/18 6PM-10PM GDC 2020 Mixer
Fri 3/20 7PM-2AM TBA

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